A short semi-finals post

This will be short and sweet. I’m playing soccer on Sunday nights and my eyes won’t stay open right now…
What did I think of the quarter-final game against New Zealand? I thought it was a well-played game, especially after we started to keep possession of the ball, brought the play to a good speed level and how OBSESSED was I with Sydney Leroux’s goal?? Amazing. As was the celebratory face…

Sydney Leroux celebrates her late goal in the New Zealand game. It was her first Olympic goal!

I really think that will be key to the game tomorrow against Canada, especially possession in the middle of the field. Canada is a familiar foe to the USWNT. Even though the US has a 43-3-5 record against Canada, the Olympics mean a lot more than a friendly or a send-off match.

Speaking of send-off matches, the USWNT beat Canada 2-1 in the Olympics send-off match earlier this summer. The US scored late in the game to win. What would I like to see?

  • Offense – We’ve seen a lot of it, I just want to see it more often and earlier from the starters. Also, I’m really hoping Alex Morgan gets out of this slump…or just keep the assists flying!
  • Pace from Megan Rapinoe – When she is on, everything she touches is gold (pun fully intended) and she sees the field so well. I believe this will be her game.
  • Solid defense – They looked good the other day but still had a few shaky moments. I would like to see those moments go away…and fast.

For more fun on the semi-final, check out Studio 90‘s video on it!

I’m super excited for the game tomorrow at 2:45 PM on NBCSports station! Be sure to watch the other semi-final on at noon of France v. Japan to see who the USWNT will (hopefully) face in the gold medal match! I hope to see some more fun celebrations, loved the cartwheel tribute to Gabby Douglas!!


2 thoughts on “A short semi-finals post

  1. I am nervous for this game. I was concerned about Alex’s knee, but after watching the video that you posted, I feel better!
    And yes, I agree with Lar that I hope they make the Canadian coach “eat his words” for stating the USWNT play “illegallly”! GO USA!!!

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