Girls Rule…Boys Drool…

Unless of course they are a hot soccer player…

I’ll take any hot soccer player whether they be:

A U.S. Men’s National Team player…

A Major League Soccer player…

Chris Pontius of D.C. United

Another MLS player:

CJ Sapong of Sporting Kansas City

A Ranger FC player…

Carlos Bocanegra, Rangers FC and USMNT player.

Brek Shea…

David Beckham…

Alright but really, what’s the point of this post? Hmmm, other than soccer players are hot? I swear, there is another one and it is that girls DO love football. We love the game…almost more than the men. There is a group of us out there who follow our team every game, every win, tie or loss. And now, there is a support group. Some fabulous ladies across the United States came up with the idea that us footie ladies need a forum to talk about all we love about football.

The Women United Football Club is a website that was launched to serve as a forum for women with a football addiction. Be sure to check out the fun forums, one for each MLS team and the national teams as well as anything else the ladies want to talk about.

Each MLS team also has a Twitter page that is run by footie fans across the nation. I run the one for the Columbus Crew, you should really check it out!

I even got to meet some of my #massive followers:

Check out all the WUFC pages:


Twitter list of all the WUFC MLS accounts


And, this is the truth.


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