I Believe That We Will Win

Tailgating…American Flags…Chants…Beer…A Few Questionable Cheers (I’m not a fan of some of the words in some of the chants…)

All those things and more were part of the USMNT game I had the chance to check out a week ago.

The tailgating was awesome. Major props to the American Outlaws and all the Crew supporters groups! It was great seeing old friends and meeting new ones!

I unfortunately had a hard time getting good pictures with my camera of the players! They came out all blurry.

Sam’s Army before the game!

It was awesome to see this game in a full stadium!

A decent picture of Herculez Gomez, the goal scorer!

It was a really great game to be a part of! We had about a million chances in the first half, and since it was a must win game, it was kind of nerve wracking! Check out the highlights from the game below! I had an amazing first full-team USMNT game!

The highlight was obviously Herc’s goal! He’s totally my favorite player right now and such a great up and coming player. This win was great momentum going into the next qualifier and especially the first 25 minutes were exceptional soccer by the Yanks.


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